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MA and Ph.D. Courses Taught

1) MA Level: (a) Contrastive Linguistics, (b) Materials Development, (c) Practice-Teaching, (d) Evaluation of the English Translation of the Islamic Texts, (e) Morphology, (f) the Structure of the Persian Language, (g) English Grammar, (h) Theories of Translation, (i) Issues in Linguistics, (j) Applied Linguistics and Translation, (k) Applied Linguistics, (l) Terminology and the Choice of Words in Translation, (m) Translation Workshop, and (n) Seminar of Issues in Translation
2) Ph.D. Courses: (a) The Structure of English for Non-English Majors, (b) Reading Scientific Text for Non-English Majors, (c) Teaching Different Skills of the Persian Language to the Speakers of Other Languages, (d) The Major Theories of Linguistics, (e) Morphology and Phonology of English, and (f) Science of Language, and(g) the Structural Description of Persian, (Based on the Holliday’s theory of Scales and Categories or TGG).